Oh, everyone loves Band!

That is to say, the Eisenhower Marching Knights from Russell, PA. Yes, as you should know my entire life has been consumed by band for a while…it’s all kind of a blurrrrr…

Our season starts the week after school gets out. No breaks for us. Five days a week is spent at marching band…thank the gods it’s over in November…but that’s not counting Winter Drumline, Percussion Ensemble and any other things musical things I do during the winter…

Anyway. anyone who says that Marching Band is not a sport should try it some time. Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay on the right foot, remember which set you’re going to next and what you’re supposed to be playing while making sure you watch the Drum Major and stay in the form. Not to mention carrying an instrument that weighs almost half as much as I do.

Oh, Marching Band, such an interesting relationship we have. Love/Hate, some might call it. But still, I return every year.

This year I am Field Captain, and I play Quints. This year also, we’re going to Florida to march in a parade at Disney. Very much excited 🙂


This is your place to post all things politically incorrect.

Everyone has to get all of the politically incorrect things out of their systems sometime. It’ll all come out eventually. So save yourself some trouble and do it here where people will laugh and enjoy the Politically Incorrectness instead of telling you to watch your mouth. And I just like reading it. Post anything from how much you hate your boss to how big you think Bush’s dick is.

Do You Believe In The Tooth Fairy?

I’m debating about The Tooth Fairy. I just lost a tooth and I want to know if The Tooth Fairy is real. What do you think?

Hello world!

Hello world. I am Mollie. That’s pretty much it….